Lancaster, PA

Bio: Hello, my name is Andrew. It is nice to meet u on here. I'd like to tell u a little about myself & at some point in the not-to-distant future, seriously look forward to getting to know much more about you, as well. I thank u for your valuable time, and patience. ----------------------------------------My Stats----------------------------------------- I was 'extruded' in Brooklyn, NY in September, 1972. I am very polite, caring, considerate of other people's feelings, and have been told by many of my close friends that I have a very good sense of humor, & that I am also a terrific impersonator. I love to make others laugh, & it means a lot to me to spread cheer, to make others laugh to have a very good time. In some circumstances, 5'9" (shoes off) / I weigh in at 265lb. / Shaved bald/I have big brown eyes / I have lightly tanned skin / I have No kids/No pets but used to have a big Basset Hound named Huckleberry whom I love and miss, very, very much / No 'tatts' / No body piercings / I don't smoke / No drink / No obnoxious habits / No limps (or chimps... LOL!) / No disfigurement (thank God!) / I'm Drug and Disease-FREE / No warrants (just thought u'd like to know! Lol) / I've never been married although I look forward to the possibility of getting married some day (to the right person, of course) / I wear glasses w/plastic black frames / Clean-shaven / Roundish facial features / I like to dress casually and usually do--my favorite style of shirts r ones w/collars; I normally don't like to wear polo shirts / I wear size 13W sneakers and size 12W boots. My favorite style of shoe which I wear r steel toes / I consider myself to b a BHM (Big Hansom Man) & I'm also well-groomed / I usually walk at a fast pace / I rent an apartment here in Lancaster, PA, USA 17603 / My favorite restaurant here in Lancaster, PA is called the "House of Pizza". Located on Chestnut St here in the city of Lancaster, PA, they have the most terrific cheese steaks north of Philadelphia, and I HIGHLY recommend the H.o.P for either lunch or dinner.The service is good, and for only 25 cents, they will give u refills on any drink. They also make homemade iced tea--which I really like. So, if u happen to live in the area, u may try peering in to the H.o.P on occasion, as you may find me there sitting down normally in the front of the facility to keep an eye on my mountain bike, but normally choose to sit in front of the restaraunt, right near the huge front windows to look at all of the people and traffic headed east, up Chestnut St. I generally get around w/a very good mounta

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