**My Testimony of Miracles!**

The Night of Miracles

A True Story

Firewalker Andrew



The following is a true story as I remember the events stated below, which took place on the night of 06 November, 2006, between the hours of 8 & 9:30PM -e.s.t.- The only thing which I ask of you is that you please have an open mind & that you please do not discount the seemingly ‘impossible’.

A Brief Synopsis of My History

I was born in Brooklyn, NY, USA in 09/1972, on the morning of: 10:10AM -e.s.t.-, of a Jewish mother. She was then, & still is to this day, an Atheist/Agnostic/Undecided. My mother used to be married to a guy from South America, who she met in NYC in a record shop, according to what she told me, (but I am unsure as to which one.) The name of that ‘sperm donor’, was named: “Arnold Rinaldi”, whos religious label, was that of ‘Catholic’. After my mother discovered that he was cheating on her while he was employed as a chauffer somewhere in NYC, she filed for divorce. He then threw my mother and I OUT onto the street, where he left us with NO money, and NO milk for me–which I take to be a DIRECT assault upon me. This occurred in Bay Ridge where we used to live. According to my mother, he NEVER wanted to carry me after I was born, which this scum-bum was very adept at ignoring me.

Shortly after this whole troubling series of incidents with my last ‘sperm-donor’, in Brooklyn, NY, USA, my mother later met my present father who adopted me and has worked VERY hard to take good care of my mother and I, and we love him, very very much. 🙂

1976 – “Linden Day School” was the kindergarten which I used to attend when my parents and I moved to Fresh Meadows, NY, around 1976. I recall having a great deal of difficulties in trying to pay attention to both my teachers and my school work, in kindergarten. I was much more adept at ‘goofing around’, and paying attention to other things in my surroundings, which I found comfort in, as a little boy. On the way to kindergarten, I would start in crying because I missed my mother which to my understanding now’a days, was symptomatic of “Separation Anxiety Disorder”, which according to my mother, she never knew about my getting so ill in the mornings, on the way to school. I also suffered from extensive motion sickness which would strike me suddenly, which was normally accompanied by a slight fever. I usually wound up vomiting on the school van which was a “Dodge B300 Maxivan”, painted in the normal yellow school bus color. What would normally transpire, was that when my kindergarten school van would arrive in my development to pick me up in the morning for another day at kindergarten, I would take a seat in the back of the van. Then, all of the sudden, I would feel over=whelmed with sadness & fear, & would then proceed to complain to the driver that my stomach hurt. I would start crying, vomit, & then the van driver would return back in front of my building, to drop me off to my mother.

PS26 was wehre I attended 1st grade, in Fresh Meadows, NY, USA. That school was very rough for me, having been bullied quite a bit, by some very unpleasant young ladies (white girls) who were a few grades more advanced than I was. My 1st grade teacher was not any kind of a picnic either, I might add. Her name was Mrs. Shimmel, & she would start in screaming and hollering at us–when we were quiet, many times. She was VERY unfriendly, unfriendly towards my mother also, I might add, as she was also quite adept at hollering at me, when I didn’t understand what to do in her class. She would really bully me & take me by the ar mleading me out to the office, & it was not a good situation for me–because I still had a very heavy learning disability, where I was unable to understand ANY of my school work–OR her simple directions. For those of you who are interested in the type of school bus I used to get picked up on, it was a yellow “Superior” model full size GMC chasis, with a red stripe which spanned the length of the lower half of our bus. It was a standard transmission as well, I remember quite clearly! Lol

In late 1978, my parents moved to Plainsboro, NJ, USA, where we rented a nice little apartment in a brand new development, called: “Pheasant Hollow”, which to this day is located on Dye Road, in Plainsboro, NJ. This is also located in the midst of the corn fields of Central NJ. We lived there forapproximately 2 and 1/4 years. During our time in living there, my parents found me a very good school called the “Katzenbach School”, which to my understanding, is to this day, a school for the deaf. I haad some great friends there, a& I finally got the help I needed to get.

02/1989 – My parents found a new boarding school to send me away to, located in Amenia, NY, named: “Maplebrook School”, which to this day is still located in Amenia, NY. I was to stay there (except for the summer times) until 06/1991, where my dad was to drive me to my new independent living agency called “Jespy House”, located in South Orange, Essex County, NJ, USA. They place people out in the community, and place people according to their vocational/job skills into jobs which they feel are the most appropriate for the clients. I was to remain in the agency until 10/2004, when I moved to Lancaster, PA, USA.

I new woman met me on Love At AOL in 1 of the chat rooms, where we began to talk many times, and I would take Amtrak from Newark Penn Station to Lancaster to visit her, and she came over to where I lived in South Orange, NJ, a few times. I wound up moving out there in 10/2004, into her parent’s house, where I was to remain until mid 05/2005, until her mother decided it were best to sneakily call the police on me while I was sitting at the computer on the internet, and the nthe police removed me from their home, and were actually nice enough to reserve a bed for me at the Water Street Rescue Mission, located on South Prince Street, here in Lancaster, PA. It was a disaster for me, & it caused me t obe a terrible nervous wreck on the inside. I had lost my basset hound Huckleberry which they actually got for me in October of 2004, and they just had to hold on to the dog which really hurt me a great deal.

07/2005 – Having gone through the ‘motions’ (so to speak as far as going u pin chapel for the accepting of Jesus Christ into my life, it was only superficial for me. I really did not experience the ‘full’ conversion, until later on in my life.

It was a chilly night on 06 November, 2006 when I returned home at my old location of 116 E. New St. (Apt.3). I cannot remember where I returned home from, but I was to climb the 2 flights of stairs up to my 3rd floor apt. So, I climbed the dark stairways, & then the 2nd flight through my door was a very steep flight of stairs, where after I climbed the last flight of stairs, I made a sharp left, entered through the extra room, right before I was to make a sharp right hand turn into my room. After I made the final right hand turn into my main room, I turned on the light, & then I began to sense a very ‘powerful’/’immense’ presence, which not only seemed to ‘linger’, but interestingly enough, also seemed to ‘immerse’ me, within the confines of my apt. I was facing my main wall, and at that moment when I sensed this ‘presence’, I slowly turned to my left, stared into my extra room which was facing E. New St. I suddenly began to cry, having known EXACTLY Whom it was Whom I sensed. It was Jesus Christ! I was dumbfounded. I could hardly believe it. I wish I could have actually seen Him, but I only sensed Him–& that was more than enough ‘proof’ for me. I felt over-whelmed, & I cried. I felt like I was deliberately brought to the end of my rope (so to speak), & I suspect that it was deliberate, that I was to pay attention to Him. I began to say the following:

“Lord Jesus, help me!
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry for ignoring You, all these years.
Please come into my life & help me.
I can’t do this, anymore!
I’m serious.
You don’t believe me? Watch. I’ll call my dad to apologize for cursing him out.”
(So, I made the call, leaving him a message on his answering machine).
After I hung up, I continued, & said:
“See? I told You! Now, please help me.”

A second later, as I was looking up in the direction of my ceiling fan, I suddenly felt a warm ‘fuzzy’ sensation go from the very top of my head, down through the rest of my body. In that very moment this occurred, my inner torments consisting of SEVERE penetrating hopelessness, & SEVERE OCD disappeared within the time frame of approx. 2 seconds. It was then replaced simultaneously with a very deep sensation of peace.
Shocked, standing there with my eyes open, I slowly turned to my left where my TV was sitting, & the first channel I turned on, after I turned on my TV, was the 1 channel which for my whole life, I had avoided-like the plague. I noticed that ‘Joyce Meyer’ was on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) & was actively talking about God. I then called my parents who live in FL, and my mother picked up the phone. I told her: “Mom, I’m not sick anymore. God healed me.” She said: “That’s good.” Very interesting, as my parents are still to this day, Atheists.

That night ,I was delivered from the following inner torments & mental disease:
1) SEVERE OCD – (I am a major airplane buff, & are self-taught in commercial aircraft design, & I used to be locked into this unpleasant mode
where I used to design commercial aircraft almost continuously (every other 15 minutes or so–& I have lost jobs over my feeling like I had to rush home to draw airplanes!)
2) TERRIBLE Nightmares – Which I used to experience weekly, since the age of 11 & a half.
3) SEVERE, Penetrating Hopelessness – Depression which was SO DEEP, & it was VERY, very unpleasant.
4) Murderous Thoughts – EVERY other time I woke up in the morning, HORRIBLE, disgusting thoughts would pile int omy head where I would get idiations of hurting the people who I loved in my life. I was really afraid to tell someone, for fear that I would have been institutionalized, so I just kept those feelings to myself.
5) Bipolar Disorder – I first became afflicted with that unpleasant disease in 09/1994. My symptoms were: Laughing 1 minute & then crying the next minute, was another symptom I had to struggle with.
6) Persistent Drawing of Train Wrecks – (about my old failed relationships, where I have been very thoroughly hurt by some mean behaviors, during the course of some of those relationships). I was released from that stronghold IMMEDIATELY, by the hand of Jesus Christ.

Since the events which transpired on the night of 06 November, 2006, I have experienced several MAJOR healings such as the following:

1) Spring, 2010 – While I was feeling really bitter where I used to live at the location of my former location of North Pine St., here in Lancaster, PA USA,The IMMEDIATE relief of TERRIBLE anger, where I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit which healed me to begin with, then removed anger from me, within approximately 1 second.
2) Sometime in 2007 – I was released/healed from developing arthritis in 1 of my knees, and hands.
3) 08/2012 – I’ve been healed of Sugar Diabetes after I meditated on Jesus Christ, asking Him t oheal me of my terrible sickness. (Alleluia!!)

So, you see, I am a witness not only to the events which transpired on the night of 06 November, 2006 at my old location listed above, but I am continuing to be a witness to further healings by the hand of Jesus Christ. As a result of the miracles which occurred in my life–& STILL do, I am led to believe that it is in fact a spiritual battle which we are all in. A battle which is very CLEARLY mentioned by:

The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the

It has also lead me to firmly believe what Jesus said in:

The Gospel According to

So, please have a looksy at those scriptures which I left for you.

My Final Message To You

From my path to yours: The Lord loves EVERY one of you, and He will NEVER leave you, nor forsake you–as He does promise in His word. I am a witness to Him, and to the life-giving miracles which He caused to happen in my life on the night mentioned in the above. He wil not ever force you to believei n Him. This is why I ask you with a humble heart that you please allow yourself to become humble, that you may call upon Him with a humble attitude whereby He may show you, that He is in fact REAL. I know He is REAL because I am a FORMER Atheist/Agnostic, and it took a miracle to change my heart, as well as to deliver me fro mall of the terrible inner torments which I firmly believe Lucifer/the fallen host have deliberately infected me with, since my childhood.


About firewalkerandrew

Hello, my name is Andrew. It is nice to meet u on here. I'd like to tell u a little about myself & at some point in the not-to-distant future, seriously look forward to getting to know much more about you, as well. I thank u for your valuable time, and patience. ----------------------------------------My Stats----------------------------------------- I was 'extruded' in Brooklyn, NY in September, 1972. I am very polite, caring, considerate of other people's feelings, and have been told by many of my close friends that I have a very good sense of humor, & that I am also a terrific impersonator. I love to make others laugh, & it means a lot to me to spread cheer, to make others laugh to have a very good time. In some circumstances, 5'9" (shoes off) / I weigh in at 265lb. / Shaved bald/I have big brown eyes / I have lightly tanned skin / I have No kids/No pets but used to have a big Basset Hound named Huckleberry whom I love and miss, very, very much / No 'tatts' / No body piercings / I don't smoke / No drink / No obnoxious habits / No limps (or chimps... LOL!) / No disfigurement (thank God!) / I'm Drug and Disease-FREE / No warrants (just thought u'd like to know! Lol) / I've never been married although I look forward to the possibility of getting married some day (to the right person, of course) / I wear glasses w/plastic black frames / Clean-shaven / Roundish facial features / I like to dress casually and usually do--my favorite style of shirts r ones w/collars; I normally don't like to wear polo shirts / I wear size 13W sneakers and size 12W boots. My favorite style of shoe which I wear r steel toes / I consider myself to b a BHM (Big Hansom Man) & I'm also well-groomed / I usually walk at a fast pace / I rent an apartment here in Lancaster, PA, USA 17603 / My favorite restaurant here in Lancaster, PA is called the "House of Pizza". Located on Chestnut St here in the city of Lancaster, PA, they have the most terrific cheese steaks north of Philadelphia, and I HIGHLY recommend the H.o.P for either lunch or dinner.The service is good, and for only 25 cents, they will give u refills on any drink. They also make homemade iced tea--which I really like. So, if u happen to live in the area, u may try peering in to the H.o.P on occasion, as you may find me there sitting down normally in the front of the facility to keep an eye on my mountain bike, but normally choose to sit in front of the restaraunt, right near the huge front windows to look at all of the people and traffic headed east, up Chestnut St. I generally get around w/a very good mounta
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